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How to Deep Clean Your House

A deep clean is one of those things many homeowners dream of carrying out on their property but rarely find the time. However, the benefits of doing so are plentiful, and carrying out this task on a semi-regular basis ca…

How to Find a Cleaner

Finding the right cleaner can be difficult, particularly when you haven’t had cleaning services before, or have a tricky schedule to work around. Here at Domestic Innovations, we want to make the process of finding a cle…

Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks on cleaning

The Hidden Bacteria Lurking in Your Home

If you knew that your remote control has a 50% chance of carrying the cold virus, would you treat it any differently? How about the fact that your kitchen sponge holds 10 million bacteria per square inch?

The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

Doing a spring clean or finally getting around to that much-needed deep clean? We've compiled the ultimate cleaning checklist to ensure you get every nook and cranny. Simply download our free printable, pop it on your fr…

Christmas Gift List - Free Printable

With so many presents to buy for so many family members and friends, it can be hard to stay organised and keep track gift ideas, what you have and haven't bought yet and what you have left to wrap. Luckily, Domestic Inno…

Where should cleaning supplies be stored?

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How often should you clean your home?

As cleaning fever sweeps the nation due to the likes of Mrs Hinch and other social media influencers, we’ve provided a list of household cleaning activities along with how often they should be performed.