How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

As cleaning fever sweeps the nation due to the likes of Mrs Hinch and other social media influencers, we’ve provided a list of household cleaning activities along with how often they should be performed.

Daily Tasks

Kitchen cleaning

We’d recommend that you disinfect worktops after every meal to ensure that any food stains won’t stick around and become harder to clean. Emptying the dishwasher or washing dishes should be done as and when needed, so that this doesn’t build up and become overfacing!


Keeping on top of your laundry should be a daily task, so that it never builds up and you’re not faced with a weekend full of doing laundry. Purchasing a laundry basket with defined sections for lights, darks and delicates will ensure that doing your laundry is a breeze.

Weekly Tasks

Wash bedding

Once a week, you should strip and refresh your bed linen. Wash your sheets on a minimum of 40 degrees, but it’s best to wash at 60 degrees to ensure any germs are killed.

According to research from TimetoSleep, only 28% of Brits change their bedding once a week!

Bathroom clean

You should clean your bathroom thoroughly every week to ensure that there is no build up of grime or limescale that can erode your fixtures and fittings.

  • First, rinse down your shower/bath area, and spray with your bathroom cleaner. Leave this for a moment to activate, then scrub and rinse.

  • Clean your sink with your bathroom cleaner and wipe dry with an old towel.

  • Scrub your toilet, paying special attention to the back of the toilet seat and the front of the toilet.

Weekly clean

A good weekly clean can really improve the way that your house looks. This should include dusting and polishing surfaces, ornaments and knick-knacks using a furniture polish. Using a furniture polish is important as it ensures that the dust won’t settle in the same place. Check that your furniture polish can be used on surfaces before you spray!  

We’d recommend saving the hoovering until last, so you can hoover up any dust particles that have landed on the floor.

Bi-Monthly Tasks

Skirting boards, blinds and doors

Don’t forget to wipe down your skirting boards once every couple of weeks to remove any dust or grime build up. If you have them, clean Venetian blinds using a three-pronged microfibre tool to ensure you get between each of the slats.

Another top tip from Mrs Hinch is to clean your doors, particularly around the grubby areas above the door handle! Spray your door with a mix of water and fabric softener and wipe down with a damp cloth.

Monthly Tasks

Clean mattress

To give your mattress a clean, you can sprinkle bicarbonate of soda onto your mattress, along with a little of your favourite fabric conditioner mixed with water and rub in (don’t forget to wear gloves). Leave to dry for 15 minutes, hoover off and enjoy a fresh mattress.

Drain cleaning

Pop a cup of soda crystals down the drain, then follow this with a cup of white vinegar and listen while the ingredients activate together. Wait for 15 minutes and then pour a kettle of hot water down the drain to clear any nasties.

This method can be used on almost all drains, but just check the instructions on the soda crystals first.

Interior windows

It is amazing how much grime builds up on your windows, and cleaning them can be a therapeutic and rewarding task. Spray the windows with a cleaning product containing vinegar, then bunch up some newspaper and wipe in circular motions. The newspaper will ensure that the windows are smear-free.

Cleaning the fridge

Once a month, take everything out of your fridge including the shelves, and wash the fridge with warm soapy water. Remember to wipe down with a towel to dry the fridge off - excess moisture is the enemy here!

Half-yearly Tasks

Window cleaning

You can clean your windows as often as you’d like, but we’d recommend cleaning the outside of your windows at least twice a year. If you can’t get up to the windows yourself, hire a great window cleaner and be happy in the knowledge that your windows will regularly be cleaned.

Yearly tasks

Cleaning the cupboards

Once a year, take stock of the items in your food and storage cupboards. After removing everything from the cupboard, spray with your favourite cleaning spray and wipe down. Dry with an old towel and then refill (and reorganise) your items.

Wardrobe clear-out

You should go through your wardrobe at least once a year and remove any items that no longer fit or you dislike. There are plenty of places to donate clothing to, so just take a look online.

There are a great number of tasks on this list, so if you’re struggling to keep your home as clean as you’d like to, get in touch with the team at Domestic Innovations on 0800 085 0948 or to find out how our cleaning and housekeeping services can help you.