The Hidden Bacteria Lurking in Your Home

If you knew that your remote control has a 50% chance of carrying the cold virus, would you treat it any differently? How about the fact that your kitchen sponge holds up to 10 million bacteria per square inch?

Well, according to Valerie Edwards-Jones, Professor of Medical Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University, these levels of bacteria in your home are completely normal, and shouldn’t cause any worry to the average person.

Valerie Edwards-Jones explains: “There are thousands of different bacteria in the environment that we are exposed to. These generally do not cause any harm at all because our bodies are designed to fight them off with our innate immune system, e.g. saliva, cough mechanism, sneezing, stomach acid, etc.”

So, how else can you combat bacteria in your home?

According to Valerie, the solution is good, old-fashioned cleaning, particularly in the kitchen. She says: “If you have been preparing food on the kitchen surfaces, they may be contaminated. Ensure you thoroughly clean them after use with cleaning detergent and water or a surface cleaner.”

Want to find out more about the everyday bacteria in your home? Check out our infographic below.