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Where Should Cleaning Supplies be Stored?

So you’ve cleaned all of your house, and it’s time to store away the products until the next time you need them. While it may be tempting to put everything under the sink or in a bathroom cabinet, it’s worth taking a few minutes to decide where the best place is for every item. While products contain chemicals that are safe to use, we sometimes forget the importance of storing them correctly. Here, we give you some tips on making sure cleaning products are stored away safely.


Before we get started on the specifics, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure you have all the information you need to store cleaning products safely, especially if you have young children or pets in your home.

  1. Check the recommended storage instruction on the label.

  2. Make sure you close the product properly after use.

  3. Keep products on a shelf that a child or pet cannot reach, but you can.

  4. Consider installing a child safety latch.

  5. Keep all products in their original container so you can see the warning labels.

  6. Put products in a secure box if you’re keeping them in an open space, such as a garage.

  7. Ensure the storage space is cool, clean and dry.

Advice for specific products


It is important to ensure that the container is sealed and clean. You should never be able to smell a product while it’s in storage.

Fabric conditioner

Fabric conditioners are prone to thickening if they are stored in very hot or cold temperatures. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label so you are able to make use of it, and get rid of any products that you suspect may be ‘off’.

Laundry detergent

Detergent can come in many different types of containers - plastic bottles, boxes and cardboard. Brands have taken the time to ensure that containers are suitable for the products inside, so don’t be tempted to transfer the product into another container to match the aesthetic in your laundry room.

Dishwasher tablets

It is natural to want to keep dishwasher tablets near to the dishwasher, usually in a cupboard under the sink as this will be a cool and dry place. However, with this cupboard being at a low level, it could be picked up by a child or pet, so take any precautions to keep them safe; for instance, installing a safety latch.

Cleaning cloths

You will likely have cleaning cloths for different tasks in the cleaning of your home - for example, one for cleaning the toilet and one for doing the dishes - and more often than not, you’ll store these in the same place, which means you could pick up the toilet cloth to wash the dishes with in the future. To avoid this, colour code cloths and keep them in separate bags when used.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are bulky items to store and can often get tangled up amongst other items, which can be frustrating when you need it to hoover something up at a moment’s notice. To avoid this frustration, your vacuum cleaner should be stored front and centre in your cleaning cupboard. If your hose is separate to the machine, install a hook on the wall to store it away neatly.

When you begin a cleaning session, take out your vacuum cleaner first while you do the rest of the cleaning. This will also mean you put it away last so it is easy to get out next time you need it.

Rubber gloves

When you slip your hands into your rubber gloves, it isn’t a pleasant experience to find them damp and mildewed. Leaving your gloves on the side of the sink will likely end up with them being knocked into the basin, so stick a pair of clothing pegs to the inside of your cleaning cupboard to hang the gloves up by their fingertips so they can efficiently air dry.  


Buckets are likely to take up a lot of space in your cleaning cupboard and while many households will store their cleaning products inside the bucket to save on space, this means you have to empty the bucket before use. To combat this problem, opt for a two-in-one bucket and caddy, or a foldable bucket. The caddy nestles inside the bucket and can be quickly removed without littering the floor with cleaning products.