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Our staff are much more than cleaners, our bespoke service means they can help throughout the home with a range of duties.


We appreciate that the hard work of our staff has enabled us to become the company we are today and in return we invest in our team, providing them with the highest level of training, development and care throughout their career. If you think you would enjoy working as part of the Domestic Innovations team, get in touch today.

We offer an excellent progression route for those who excel at delivering our high standards and service:

Senior Cleaner

After one to two years of commitment and exemplary service, an individual will take the responsibility of a senior cleaner. Senior cleaners have the responsibility of managing large cleans and ensuring our standards are consistently achieved.  

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If you are looking for a vibrant and rewarding career within the domestic industry, call Domestic Innovations on 0800 085 0948 or email us on