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We record our success based on what our clients think about our domestic cleaning services. Most of our clients have been with us for many years - some have even been with us from the very start!

Our clients are a testimony to our exceptional standards and service, that’s why we share our current clients’ experiences with you to give you and idea of the level of service you will receive us.

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Ascot Testimonials

Professional business couple

My recommendation of Domestic Innovations to friends and work colleagues is the best indication of how much I appreciate and value their cleaning services.

Having a regular team each week, both of whom are very pleasant and polite, is ideal. And, because we’re dealing with a professional company, any sickness and holiday is arranged to ensure a seamless, reliable service, with at least one member of our regular team always available to ensure continuity.

I appreciate the extra services and flexibility offered, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of additional hours or team members when we have a lot of house guests.

Mrs D from Ascot


Busy lifestyle, no time for cleaning

Both my husband and I have demanding full-time jobs and need to spend our time focused on our professional lives. At the end of the week, or on days when we work from home, we are very happy not to have to worry about cleaning the house as we know that the Domestic Innovations team will take care of that for us to a very high standard.

We have been with Domestic Innovations for more than ten years; they are reliable, responsive and take pride in their work. They are as flexible as they can possibly be in terms of the scheduling arrangements and make sure that the weekly, as well as periodic cleaning, is done without us having to remind them.

All in all, it is great to know that however busy we are, the house will always be clean, and we can confidently plan our time with this in mind

Mrs N from Ascot


Excellent, reliable and good quality service

Essentially, I would say the service I have received over the last year or so has been efficient, reliable and of good quality. I am reassured by the business model in that all employees are vetted by the company and undergo DBS checks, and that they are fully insured by the business. They are also quite flexible in changing the cleans on the occasions that I have to be at home.

Dr B from Ascot


Beaconsfield Testimonials


Busy house full of pets and children

I have been using Domestic Innovations for more than nine years after moving to the area.

The fact that all staff are police reference checked and thoroughly vetted was very reassuring from a security point of view. They are extremely reliable and can be guaranteed to provide an extra pair of hands if I need it. When I moved house recently, the company provided a full spring clean before I moved in.

The team of two cleaners are very efficient and friendly. There is always continuity with at least one member of the team, meaning that they get to know the house and how we prefer things done. They are great with our two dogs and will let them out when I am not around.

One of the most outstanding benefits of Domestic Innovations is their house-minding service when we are away. They will walk through the house to ensure there are no leaks or maintenance problems and will check on the house if the alarm goes off. To have trustworthy people as key holders when we are out of the country offers real peace of mind.

Mrs Fleming from Beaconsfield


More than six years of home cleaning

The Domestic Innovations team has been taking care of our home for more than six years now and we have been extremely pleased with every aspect of their service. A regular team of two or three people come each week, and they know the house very so I do not have to worry that things will get overlooked.

In addition to taking care of our home when we are away for extended periods of time, one of the team members will look in on our large tropical fish tank to make sure the feeder is working and add any medications as needed. It is a terrific piece of mind to have this support.

Now that we are relocating to the USA, our house will be on the market until it sells, and the team will continue to look after the house to make sure it is in perfect viewing condition in our absence.

Laura Hoke from Beaconsfield


Travelling Business Executive

I was recommended Domestic Innovations by a work colleague who also travels extensively and has used their services for many years. I was previously reluctant to use a cleaning service due to security worries and lack of flexibility as I could be away for a number of weeks and did not need a regular service.

The team met with my PA to discuss my needs and travel plans, and decided on providing a skeleton service while I was away so when I returned, the house was aired, cleaned and had a freshly changed bed.

Weekends at home now allow me to entertain and play golf instead of catching up with domestic chores.

Mr Berry from Seer Green, Beaconsfield


Chalfont St Peter Testimonials


A House with Four Children

With four children under the age of seven and a five-month-old puppy, our house is busy, noisy and very chaotic. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and very outnumbered. I really look forward to my fortnightly clean by Domestic Innovations. On every occasion during the four years we have used them, they have always done a fantastically thorough job and restored calm to my house (for a while anyway!).

I feel I have really got to know the Domestic Innovations team as I see the same faces every fortnight. In particular, I have got to know Sarah over the years and whatever is going on here - be it potty training, chicken pox, toddler tantrums or the puppy running off with her feather duster - she takes it all in her stride.

In a busy, hectic life sometimes all you need is some help, and that’s what I have always got and continue to get from Domestic Innovations.

Jo Wallace from Chalfont St Peter


International Business Executive

The main issue I have with keeping care of my home is the frenetic nature of my travel requirements, as I often have to fly to the USA with only a few hours’ notice and could be away for 10 days or more. A regular weekly or fortnightly service does not fit in with my schedule so I needed a company to be flexible.

I’ve now been with Domestic Innovations for around seven years as they schedule my visits so that I can arrive home to a clean and tidy house where I can relax and entertain visitors. It’s great to have the peace of mind that their reliable services provide.

Miss Edwards from Chalfont St Giles


One Less Thing to Worry About

I just have to write to let you know about how delighted I am with today’s deep clean. The girls couldn’t have worked hard or been any more pleasant. It’s such a weight off my mind and a joy to walk through my gleaming home.”

J Pegler from Chalfont St Peter


Gerrards Cross Testimonials


We Don’t Know Where We Would Be Without Them!

I have lived in the area for many years and had to go through trials and tribulations of two other cleaning companies before striking lucky with Domestic Innovations. Previously, I had to cope with unreliability from a succession of new team cleaners and a service that went rapidly downhill after an initial couple of months. Both my husband and I lead very busy lives with full-time careers and businesses to run, so we need a cleaning company that we can rely upon.

I’ve been using Domestic Innovations for more than 10 years and don’t know where we would be without them!

The service from Domestic Innovations is exceptional and I have the same cleaning team each week, all of whom are extremely nice and friendly and do a fantastic job. Their thoughtful gestures mean a lot and when I was recuperating at home after a stay in hospital, the girls would bring me tea and make sure I was comfortable.

The team is very proactive, doing the extra jobs that need doing without any reminders or lists. They give me complete peace of mind so I know that when I come home on Friday the house will be spotless and ready for us to enjoy the weekend. If we have a house full of guests, the company has the flexibility to accommodate the additional work, often by sending an extra person along.

On a practical level, they bring all the equipment needed to do the job and use a selection of good products. Payment by direct debit means that I don’t have to worry about getting money together each week. The regular feedback system enables open communication and they are the first port of call for help with all domestic matters.

I have complete trust in Domestic Innovations - the company feels like my personal housekeeper.

Mrs Slowikowski from Gerrards Cross


Maidenhead Testimonials


More Than 8 Years of Loyal Service

I have used Domestic Innovations for a number of years, and throughout this time they have provided an excellent service, listened carefully to my needs and looked to provide suggestions of further ways in which they can help with caring for my home. They are very flexible, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Mrs Morrison from Maidenhead


A Couple Looking to Enjoy Retirement

We have been using Domestic Innovations for more than 10 years after we had decided to spend our leisure time enjoying our garden rather than cleaning the home. Originally, they would come to see us every two weeks, but as our health got the better of us, the visits increased to once a week.

Following the death of my husband, Domestic Innovations continues to support me in managing my home. I really could not have done without their help, which has never failed me. I must appreciate what they’ve done and am so grateful.

Joan McConnell from Maidenhead

Marlow Testimonials


Hard-Working Busy London Commuter

Domestic Innovations has been my home-care partner for 10 years and I hope they will help me out for the next 10!

I work in London, so my week is long and weekends are mostly spent catching up with friends and family. That is why I need a reliable service that provides more than quick dust and wipe with a wet cloth! Over the years, Elin and the team have helped with a variety of services in addition to my normal clean, from chimney sweeping to carpet steaming.

Key for me is the flexibility that I get with Domestic Innovations. If I have to change plans at short notice, they are almost always able to accommodate my unreasonable switches! I have relied on cleaning teams for many years and the fact that I am still with Domestic Innovations after 10 years says it all! I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Mrs Collins from Marlow


Family Home Full of Teenagers

We initially approached Domestic Innovations to help with a moving-in clean. When things got too hectic thanks to a heavy workload and growing children, we called upon their services again to provide a regular service. We have now been using Domestic Innovations for more than five years, seeing our children grow into teenagers.

The ladies who clean my house are delightful - completely trustworthy, reliable and respectful. I have every faith that the house will look and smell clean and fresh when I get home from work.

The service is efficient and thorough, and the ladies do those unpredictable cleaning jobs without batting an eyelid - like cleaning under my son’s bed! I have no hesitation in recommending Elin and her fabulous team.

Mrs Brar from Marlow


Spruced Up a Neglected Cottage

The Domestic Innovations team worked very hard and were a pleasure to deal with. They did a good job with the cleaning, especially as the cottage had been a little neglected recently. Thank you and we look forward to our regular slot.

Chris M from Marlow


Sunningdale Testimonials


Vendor’s Trusted Recommendation

We found Domestic Innovations through a recommendation by the vendors of our new house. Never having used a cleaning company before, we were delighted that ironing could be included in the service and after meeting the cleaners, I was confident to give the team a set of keys and leave them in charge of the while I was out of the country, on business or on holiday.

I have used Domestic Innovations for more than seven years and have been very happy with the service they give me and my family. The girls and very efficient and trustworthy.

Mrs C from Sunningdale


Love Me, Love My Dogs

I had put off using a cleaning company because I was concerned with allowing someone into the house with two Labradors while I was at work, in case they were anxious or not dog friendly. However, I made an enquiry for a cleaning audit with Domestic Innovations. During the meeting, I was able to discuss my concerns and together we worked out a plan that allowed me to be home for the first clean and agreed that the cleaners were to use the side door for access.

I swear my boys (two soppy Labs) look forward to the cleaners coming as much as I do! On the day they are due, the dogs seem to be looking out for them and welcome them as long-time friends. I can also plan to work late on cleaning if I need to, as I know the dogs will have been cuddled and let out into the garden half way through the day thanks to the Domestic Innovations girls.

Mrs Clair James from Sunninghill


Virginia Water Testimonials


Help While Overseas

Elin and the team at Domestic Innovations have provided invaluable tailored support for me. After using their cleaning services for many years, I was sent overseas for several months at very short notice. I needed to make sure my house was safe and looked after without asking too many favours of neighbours.

Domestic Innovations arranged for the house to be shut down and the heating/water system to be drained. They also carried out a weekly inspection and once every few weeks cleaned my house to keep it up to standard.

We have also agreed on a process for managing any problems that might arise demanding external work. For me, in a very busy and demanding job, and over a thousand miles from home, this has brought me invaluable peace of mind from a trusted source of assistance.

Mrs A from Virginia Water


House Renovation Project

We had just bought a five-bedroomed Victorian house, planning to return it to its former glory. We knew that there would be periods of upheaval so a regular weekly slot would not work for us. During the consultation, we agreed on a plan of low-level regular maintenance cleaning to maintain our sanity while also allowing the flexibility for cleaning up after builders - these sessions could be booked with a weeks’ notice.

The biggest headache embarking on this project was how we could live in the house and have all this work done at the same time. Domestic Innovations were brilliant in how they could swap a regular clean for a blitz. All renovation work is now finished and the house looks great, especially on a Monday afternoon when I come home from work and my “girls” have been in.

Mrs Woodford from Virginia Water


Wokingham Testimonials


Business Owner with Little Spare Time

We have been using Domestic Innovations since we moved into the area more than nine years ago. They carry out a programmed clean each visit that allows the heavier used parts of the house to get that extra attention while ensuring the other rooms are kept up to the necessary standards.

Fridays are especially good because I know that when I arrive home the house will be all fresh and clean that to the hard work and efforts of the team - we would not be without them!

T Darley from Wokingham


We Took the Cleaners With Us

We had been using Domestic Innovations to take care of our lovely little cottage for four years and were always impressed by their cleaning service, so when we moved to a new detached house on the edge of town, we had to take them with us.

Ten years later, we are still using their services and have never thought about using anyone else. They work really well around our hectic travel schedules as it often means last minute changes need to be made; either cancellations or fitting in a clean at short notice.

Mrs Kettlewell from Wokingham

Windsor Testimonials


A Service I Can Rely On

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the cleaning team. It's been over four years now and I'm still a very happy customer. I totally appreciate your flexibility, it's great that you understand my ever-changing needs and can be so supportive.

In today's mad world, it's great to know that there are some things I can still rely on, especially you and your team - everyone works hard to leave my oasis in perfect order for when I return home from my travels.

JC from Windsor


A Huge Improvement to Our Downtime

Being a busy working couple, cleaning house was never the high point of our week. Domestic Innovations has not only improved our downtime but has done so with utmost professionalism by keeping a weekly diary of tasks performed, treating our home and possessions as though they were their own, taking pride in their work and always exhibiting a friendly, personable manner to us and our pets!

Mr and Mrs Evans from Windsor


International Family Based Abroad

Our home is used intermittently throughout the year so we wanted peace of mind and security that it would be taken care of properly when we weren’t there. Domestic Innovations provided us with a low-level service of one visit per week while the house was empty. This would increase to a daily domestic clean when we were in residence.

We were allocated a dedicated staff member to ensure continuity while we were away. This relationship developed to a point where our needs would be anticipated prior to returning to the UK.

When I initially began my search for a cleaning company, I was looking for someone honest, trustworthy and reliable that I could trust to look after my house. Not only have Domestic Innovations met all my expectations, they have exceeded them by far. Thank you, Elin and Domestic Innovations, for your exceptional service.

Mrs Jahid from Windsor


Domestic Innovations is a Lifesaver

I’m overloaded - I work, commute, have a family and enjoy hobbies - so I need to arrive home knowing that once a week, everything that needs doing in the house is done, and done well. Elin and her team have stepped in, and been very flexible.

The house is fresh, tidy and clean. Bedding changed, ironing done, washing put through, and when time allows the background work is done exceptionally. When I was ill and immobile, Elin stepped in with a few days’ notice to help with daily chores. I know I can pick up the phone, or email and Elin responds. Lifesavers, thank you!

Louise Walker from Windsor


Five Children, a Horse and Chickens

I have been disappointed by a succession of casual cleaners and knew I needed a more professional and structured approach to the management of our household cleaning.

On their first visit, the Domestic Innovations team, led by Jo, worked methodically through the house, which impressed me. Now I feel supported as they care for the home, allowing me to look after the children and animals. From time to time, when we have guests staying or children's parties, they are very flexible and able to offer extra cleans to return the house to its normal state

Zoe Hare from Windsor